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Spotlight - Bobby Madding

Bobby Madding is a graduate of Men of Valor class of March 2023. 

Bobby is currently a maintenance technician at Yates Services, and working on his certificate for industrial electrical maintenance and mechatronics with our valued educational partner TCAT. 

We are so proud of Bobby and all that Jesus is doing in his life!

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Spotlight - Hunter Hassler 

Hunter Hassler is graduate of Men of Valor, class of November 2020.


Hunter has moved on to big things since completing the discipleship academy! He is working full time and has completed his technical certification at our educational partner TCAT. Way to go Hunter!

Spotlight - Michael Howser

Michael Howser is a former MOV student at Valor Ridge, Nashville. 

Michael is living in God's grace in Lafayette Tennessee. He is living out the MOV covenant by being a giver and not a taker in his community. He's currently serving in his church, as well as a local jail ministry. He proud to be a loving father to his son and a light for Christ wherever he goes! 

God bless you Michael!

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